There are no guarantees, but these very simple steps can go a long way toward keeping you from getting this latest really nasty bug.

1.     Wash your hands with soap.  Avoid hand sanitizers as they destroy the good hand bacteria you need.  Soap cleans your hands and kills COVID-19 more effectively without killing your good bacteria; wash for at least 20 seconds.  Clearly, however, if soap is not available, use a sanitizer.

2.     Avoid touching things touched by sick people.

3.     Stay out of the line-of-fire of those coughing and sneezing.

4.     Keep your hands away from your mouth, nose, and eyes.

5.     Drink some water frequently.  This washes any COVID-19 in your mouth into your stomach where they are killed by your stomach acids.  It helps also to keep you hydrated which is very important.

6.     Do a daily saline irrigation of your nasal passages (Ayr, Neti Pot, etc.), a salt-water gargle, and eyewash in each eye.   In addition to washing COVID-19 out of these entries into your body, this helps to make those tissues inhospitable to infecting agents.

7.     Maintain your level of Selenium.  Research has linked selenium deficiency with greater likelihood of viral infections.  Correct this with your food, not with supplements; you need only 50 to 70 µgrams a day.  This is most easily done with a couple of Brazil nuts, or a couple of eggs, some fish, and others.  My favorite is a half bar of Equal Exchange 80% dark chocolate.


8.     Vitamin C is good for you.  There is evidence that large doses of vitamin C, especially intravenous (IV), may be beneficial.  The IV administration is important because the absorption of vitamin C administered orally is less than 1% of that of IV.  Research shows that only at very high IV doses does vitamin C generate enough hydrogen peroxide to kill a virus like COVID-19.  That said, there are also reports of people consuming 20g a day of oral vitamin C who have remained uninfected by COVID-19 while others in the family have become sick with it.

9.   Boost your immune system. Oodles of sleep, exercise, and an assortment of foods like ginger, garlic, citrus fruit, leafy green veges, and elderberry as well as  poultry and nuts are known to keep your immune system healthy.  Vitamins C and D are very effective in this regard.  Many of these have anti-viral properties as well.

10. And Finally: Get out into the fresh air and sunlight.  During the Spanish Flu pandemic 100 years ago, the most effective treatment was getting patients outdoors, and particularly where there was good sunlight.  Reports indicate that this Open Air Therapy reduced hospital deaths from 40% to 13%.


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