Making Sense of Medicine
Medical Matters Made Simple

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A sharp pain shoots down the side of your leg. 

Do you know what’s causing it? 

Do you know how to make it better?

Your wrist and hand become weak and painful. 

Do you know what’s happening in your body? 

Do you know how to prevent it in future?

You often get intense headaches for no apparent reason. 

Do you know how to avoid taking medications for these? 

Do you know how to make them less frequent and less severe?

These questions have complex answers, but Making Sense of Medicine answers them in a way that anyone can understand.  For these and dozens of other common conditions, this book explains in simple terms

        How your body and mind work.

        What’s happening in your body when you hurt.

        How and when to take action.

        What makes the pain better.

        How to prevent it from coming back.

Robert Keller has experience with the often complicated conditions described in this book. He has a passion and a talent for explaining complex topics in everyday terms.

Making Sense of Medicine is your easy to read companion and guide to understanding things that happen to you every day.


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