Making Sense of Medicine
Medical Matters Made Simple

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Making Sense of Medicine has 350+ pages of information about your mind and body, what can go wrong with them, and how to deal with it.  Here are the topics you'll find there.

Acid Reflux:  A Widespread Problem

AFib:  My Heart's All A-Flutter

Airplane Ear is a Pain

Allergies: Cleanliness Is Not Always Next to Godliness

ALS Remains a Mysterious Disease

Ancient Wisdom for Our Age

Aroma: Can Scents Provide Healing Benefits?

Arthritis: Minimize the Pain

Asthma: Nuisance or Life Threat?

Back Pain: Oh, My Aching Back!

Blood Pressure

Breast Cancer: There is Life After

CAM: Complementary or Alternative Therapies

Cancer: Prevention and Treatment

Carpal Tunnel: Here’s a Peek

Cataracts: Insight into a Common Problem

Celebrate your feet!

Chocolate: The best medicine for your sweetheart

Cholesterol:  Good, Bad, or Indifferent

Color: Oh Say, Can You See…?

Common Cold: The Best Defense

Concussion:  Proper Treatment Is Crucial

COPD: Smoking Is the No. 1 Cause

Cuts: Time Heals All Wounds

Dem Bones: Everything is Interconnected

Depression Can Be Debilitating

Diet: Evidence Says Low-Carb, High-Fat is Best

Dreams:  The Royal Road

Dry Eye: Tears Are Key to Eye Health

Dry Mouth: Glued to Your Tongue?


Frozen Shoulder:  A Bit of a Mystery

Ganglion Cyst:  A Squishy Bump

Gout: Painful, Swollen Joints

Hammer Toe

Hangovers: Unwelcome After-Party Guests

Heat Folly: Mad Dogs and Englishmen

Hiccups: What's up?

Hospitals Have Come a Long Way

Imagination:  My mind can do what?

Insurance: Complementary Is Not Complimentary

Leg Cramps: A Problem of Balance

Lower Spinal Stenosis

Marijuana: Is it Medicine?

Massage Therapy: the Power of Touch

Medical Massage Therapy

Medicare: A Horse Designed by a Committee

Melanoma: Your Skin Shows Signs Early

Memory:  Preventing Dementia

Migraines: Oh My Aching Head!

Morton's Neuroma: A Pebble in Your Shoe?

Muscle Pain: No Pain, No Gain?

Nails: Decoration and Protection

Nursemaid's Elbow Needs a Doctor


Pain:  Is Pain an Opinion?

Placebo:  Thy Faith Hath Made Thee Whole

Plantar Fasciitis: Self-Treatment

Pleurisy: Not All Chest Pain Means Heart   Attack

Psychosomatic Pain:  If There's Nothing Wrong With Me, Why Do I Hurt?

PTSD:  Talk Therapy Can Work

Rheumatoid Arthritis: Managing the Pain of Two Common Types

Rotator Cuff Tears Can Happen Suddenly or Over Time

Runner’s Knee

Sciatica Can Have Many Causes

Shingles: After Chickenpox

Sleep Apnea Should Not Be Taken Lightly

Smart cells make healthy bodies

Stones: What to Do

Stress:  Balance Fight-Or-Flight With


Stroke:  What You Should Know


Tennis Elbow

Testing, testing….

Thinking of Those With No Home

  for the Holidays

Thyroid: You Can't Live Without This Butterfly

TIA:  Symptoms Mirror a Stroke

Tinnitus: A Symptom Not a Disease


Varicose Veins

Vertigo:  Feeling Dizzy?

Walking: A How to Guide

Wellness: Balance is Key

Your Amazing Brain







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