Video Introduction and Testimonials

Introduction by Bob Keller
Bob Keller explains the methods and benefits of this medication free, pain relief breakthrough Bob is a Certified Myokinesthetic Specialist.

Testimonial: Relief of Fibromyalgia, leg pain
Diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, this busy academician and culinary hobbyist explains how her chronic leg pain was relieved, allowing her to sleep soundly for the first time years.

Testimonial: Relief of chronic hip pain
A middle-aged graphic designer describes her remarkable relief from chronic, debilitating hip pain.

Testimonial: Sports injury
Well-known children's author Ed Emberley describes his experience using these techniques to relieve long-standing ankle, knee and hip pain caused by a sports injury.  Myokinesthetic treatments allowed him to return to an athletic lifestyle.

Testimonial: Lower body numbness
how these techniques reversed nerve damage to restore feeling in one patient's legs and feet, and how a side-effect of this natural treatment also relieved her restless leg syndrome.


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