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Moving Muscles to Relieve Pain

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Moving Muscles to Relieve Pain

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Can you imagine the peace of mind and feeling of wellness that comes with being pain free? And can you imagine getting to that state without having to work at it? Without meds? Without needles? Without getting undressed or wearing special clothes?

I’m Bob Keller, and I can tell you that well over 600 of my patients have achieved that well-being after just a few treatments. They were fully clothed, received no meds, did not get jabbed, and were treated for less than 20 minutes.

What I do is move muscles to relieve your pain…that’s it. I use precise, gentle muscle movements that awaken your body’s amazing capacity for self-healing.

Even if you haven’t tried ‘everything’ already, I think you’ll be surprised at the results.

To see how you might reach that state, please give me a call at 978(866) 465-5111, or book online now.



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    Patient Testimonials

    • “I was having migraines almost every day for over a week. I have had a few treatments. I am not having the severe migraines that I was having. Whatever the muscle whisperer does is amazing, and not having a headache is wonderful.”

      Michelle M.
    • “I'd like to give a testimonial to Dr. Bob. When I first came here, I was in a tremendous amount of pain, and had very little flexibility in my neck and shoulder. Dr. Bob has helped tremendously. He's extremely skillful and has a very pleasant manner. I highly recommend him.”

      Leo K.
    • “I had a case of Morton’s neuroma, an inflammation of the nerves in the foot. I was in excruciating pain that made it difficult for me to move around my own house. After six MYK treatments I cannot say that I am pain free, but I have achieved a level of stability with this problem where pain is the exception rather than the rule. MYK is a deceptively simple form of treatment, but it certainly worked for me. Furthermore, Bob Keller is very skillful and compassionate.”

      Michael S.
    • “I had gone 9 years with constant shoulder pain. I had tried everything, cortisone shots, physical therapy, massage, chiropractic, none of this ever gave me more than six hours of relief. After my third MYK treatment, I had no pain in my shoulder. I have now gone over 2 years pain free. I didn't think I could live like this again. This is wonderful!”

      Seery S.
    • “I had terrible hip pain for three years. Dr. Bob did a session with me that lasted about 5 -7 minutes. After the treatment, I felt pretty much the same, but three days later I realized the pain was gone, and I hadn't had the pain in the last day or so. It came back about 9 months later, but after one treatment it was gone again, and it hasn't come back in the last two years.”

      Lise R.
    • “I had a knee so bad I could not walk upstairs without holding onto my knee. I was given the option of knee replacement, but after three MYK treatments lasting less than 20 minutes, I said 'That's right, I don't feel that pain in my knee.' I didn't go to a surgeon and have things replaced, and this is 90 days later, and I don't feel any pain.”

      Ed E.
    • “Three and a half years ago, I started having anxiety and panic attacks along with depression. If I bounced a check, I was hysterical. After MYK treatments with Dr. Bob, when I'm in a stressful situation, I recognize that two months ago it would have made me crazy. Now it doesn't anymore.”

      Linda K.
    • “Please speak with Bob Keller first! He solved my lower back issues with some very easy, simple maneuvers. Bob is a chiropractor or a PT but for muscles...no cracking! I went from dreadful spasm to occasional tightness from overwork. No drugs (no surgery)! Can't recommend Bob enough. It's worth a consult.”

      Michele D.

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