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What I do is move muscles to relieve your pain…that’s it. Doctors give you drugs or surgery, Chiropractors move your bones, and Acupuncturists stick in needles. All I do is to use precise, gentle muscle movements that awaken your body’s amazing capacity for self-healing.

Each treatment is focused on your specific condition. You are fully clothed, I use no oils nor creams, and a treatment is 10 – 20 minutes long. Like conventional medicine, Chiropractic, and Acupuncture, the MYK (Myokinesthetic) system I use is based on methods that have been effective for thousands of years.

I have medical school training in Medical Neuroscience and Clinical Neurology as well as training in the MYK, Feldenkrais, Zero Balancing, and CORE Myofascial techniques. I have done graduate programs in Psychology and in Computers as well as undergraduate programs in Liberal Arts and Electrical Engineering.

I am Board Certified in Medical Massage.

In addition to having helped hundreds of patients, like you, to be pain free, I have a passion and a talent for helping you understand what’s happening in your body, and how to deal with it. I am author of three published books, and numerous blogs focused on making complex medical issues understandable to anyone. I also enjoy writing poetry, some of which I’m not ashamed to have other people read.

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Our Wellness Partners

Clare Keller – Counseling & Dreamwork

My counseling practice is deeply grounded in my experience and study of Jung’s Analytical Psychology. Trusting that the unconscious wishes to be recognized, we engage in a conversation focused on what has brought you to seek counseling, your perception of where you are in your life situation, and how you experience unease. I will likely ask if you remember a recent dream, or if not, any recurring or remarkable dream in the past. Each meeting is an hour in a setting that’s comfortable for conversation.

Please call Clare at 978-465-4483 to book an appointment.

A fee of $95 may be paid in person by cash or check only.

Sean Stellmach became an entrepreneur at age 24 with the purchase of his Newburyport Fitness Together studio in 2010. Prior to this, he graduated from UMass Lowell with a Bachelor degree in Community Health and Education and attained his personal training certification. While working as a personal trainer in Topsfield, MA, he learned of a studio for sale in Newburyport and decided to go for it.

Hannah was a personal trainer at the Topsfield studio alongside Sean. This is where they initially met and became friends. Hannah graduated from Salem State College with Bachelor in Communication, and had just recently finished personal training school.

When Sean became the owner of FT Newburyport, Hannah took his offer to work as his lead trainer and eventually became manager. Their passion for fitness, and joy in helping others live better lives led them to successfully grow their Newburyport studio. After 2 years, Sean purchased the Portsmouth, NH studio location.

Sean and Hannah were married in 2014, and welcomed their daughter, Sophia, in 2017. They live in Amesbury and spend their leisure time with family, their pup, Mila, and enjoy a variety of outdoor activities all year round.

Our Business Listing

With Fitness Together’s professional trainers you’ll receive any of the following services:

  • Individualized, customized personal training.
  • Small group personal training (*some current restrictions due to Covid-19).
  • Customized nutrition counseling.
  • Live, virtual training sessions (via Zoom).
  • Cardio exercise prescription.
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Laurie Drogue – CranioSacral Therapy

CranioSacral therapy is one of many modalities in my skill set, which also includes myofascial release, breath work, and client education. CranioSacral touch "resets" the body to a "new neutral" and creates opportunities to deepen someone's experience of wellness, both on the table and in life.

I treat based on what my hands perceive, and mirror that back to my client.  Becoming more aware of what is present may help you decide if that continues to serve you or if there are options you would appreciate welcoming into your life.

After attending the Stillpoint School of Massage, I studied with the CranioSacral therapy founders, Drs. John and Lisa Upledger.  I worked with them over five years as a teaching assistant for entry and mid-level classes.  In addition to the core curriculum, I trained and did clinical work in pediatrics as well as brain and spinal cord injuries.

To book an appointment, or to learn more, please call me at 978-462-7192 or email to Lauriembt@gmail.com.  Treatments are each $110 payable by cash or check.