Medical Massage differs from Classic full body massage. Some differences are:
Medical MassagePricing (US$)
In Person70
Online, Individual70
4 Tx plus video400
Discount Packs after your in-person first treatment(cash or check only)
5 Tx325
10 Tx600

Neuromuscular Manual Therapy is a specialised technique using deep pressure and friction to release chronically hypertonic muscles. It focuses on tender or trigger points in localised areas of your body that may be the cause of chronic pain.

Treatments are typically 30 to 50 minutes in length, and cost 40 + 30 per segment treated.

Classic Massage Therapy is a full body massage in which you are unclothed and covered with a drape except for the part being massaged. Sessions are usually about one hour in length. Its primary purpose is to create overall relaxation.

Please contact our Wellness Partner, Laurie Drogue, for Classic Massage Therapy. 978-462-7192 or email to Treatments are each $110 payable by cash or check.